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IMAX LITTLE OPRY THEATER • 3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway BRANSON, MO 65616
GEORGE JONES AND FRIENDSHeadlining for another great season -- george geisser performing legendary hits from country heros like george jones, tammy waynette, waylon jennings, randy travis, john & june and willie, waylon & jessie! “geisser is a spot-on likeness of george jones with the race is on, he stopped loving her today, and i don’t need your rockin’ chair!” -- ronnie page, the branson daily independent
Tier Pricing Dates Box Office Your Price
ADULT - ADULT 13 & ABOVE Feb 9th - Dec 10th $30.50 $24.50
CHILD - CHILD 12 & UNDER Feb 9th - Dec 10th N/A $0.00
Wed Aug 15th
Thu Aug 16th
Fri Aug 17th
Sat Aug 18th
Sun Aug 19th
Mon Aug 20th
Tue Aug 21st
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Sat 1st 5:00pm Running  
Sun 2nd 5:00pm Running  
Thu 6th 9:30am Running  
Fri 7th 5:00pm Running  
Sat 8th 5:00pm Running  
Sun 9th 5:00pm Running  
Tue 11th 9:30am Running  
Thu 13th 9:30am Running  
Fri 14th 5:00pm Running  
Sat 15th 5:00pm Running  
Sun 16th 5:00pm Running  
Tue 18th 9:30am Running  
Thu 20th 9:30am Running  
Fri 21st 5:00pm Running  
Sat 22nd 5:00pm Running  
Sun 23rd 5:00pm Running  
Tue 25th 9:30am Running  
Thu 27th 9:30am Running  
Fri 28th 5:00pm Running  
Sat 29th 5:00pm Running  
Sun 30th 5:00pm Running  
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Tue 2nd 9:30am Running  
Thu 4th 9:30am Running  
Fri 5th 5:00pm Running  
Sat 6th 5:00pm Running  
Sun 7th 5:00pm Running  
Tue 9th 9:30am Running  
Thu 11th 9:30am Running  
Fri 12th 5:00pm Running  
Sat 13th 5:00pm Running  
Sun 14th 5:00pm Running  
Tue 16th 9:30am Running  
Thu 18th 9:30am Running  
Fri 19th 5:00pm Running  
Sat 20th 5:00pm Running  
Sun 21st 5:00pm Running  
Tue 23rd 9:30am Running  
Thu 25th 9:30am Running  
Fri 26th 5:00pm Running  
Sat 27th 5:00pm Running  
Sun 28th 5:00pm Running  
Tue 30th 9:30am Running  
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Thu 1st 9:30am Running  
Sat 3rd 9:30am Running  
Sun 4th 5:00pm Running  
Tue 6th 9:30am Running  
Thu 8th 9:30am Running  
Sat 10th 9:30am Running  
Sun 11th 5:00pm Running  
Tue 13th 9:30am Running  
Thu 15th 9:30am Running  
Sat 17th 9:30am Running  
Sun 18th 5:00pm Running  
Tue 20th 9:30am Running  
Sat 24th 9:30am Running  
Sun 25th 5:00pm Running  
Tue 27th 9:30am Running  
Thu 29th 9:30am Running  
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Sat 1st 9:30am Running  
Sun 2nd 5:00pm Running  
Tue 4th 9:30am Running  
Thu 6th 9:30am Running  
Sat 8th 9:30am Running